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  • Esther

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    Online sinds 20-06-2017

    Lening duur 14 maanden

    Voorgeschoten op 08-06-2017

    Sector Landbouw

    Activiteit Farming

    Land flag Kenia

    Locatie Nyamira

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This loan helps to buy seeds and start horticultural farming.

Esther is a married woman and has children. She will always do anything to prevent them from going to bed with hungry stomachs.

She is from the Nyamira area of Kenya. She never got the opportunity to advance her education and get a white-collar job, but these realities did not kill her dream of wanting to succeed in life.

Esther has been farming for the past eight years. Through the years, she has gathered much experience, and all the farming techniques are at her fingertips. She practices mixed farming (dairy, animal, and crop farming). With her profits, she has managed to take care of her family's needs.

Esther has requested a loan from Juhudi Kilimo for 50,000 KES, which she will use to buy seeds to start horticulture farming. She wants to take advantage of various conditions such as favorable weather patterns, a good road network in her village, good soil, and a ready market for horticulture products to reap more profits. By the end of the first year, she hopes that she will not only be selling in the local market but also in international markets through the export of fruits and vegetables.

Juhudi is partnering with Kiva and Kiva lenders to help hardworking women like Esther turn their farming dreams into reality through training and loan financing.

Totaal lening bedrag € 440

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augustus 2018 € 48,58 € 0,00
Lokale Kiva partner
Juhudi Kilimo (JK)

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Leningen totaal bedrag € 2.480.600,00

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