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  • Rhodah

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    Online sinds 13-09-2017

    Lening duur 14 maanden

    Voorgeschoten op 06-09-2017

    Sector Landbouw

    Activiteit Farming

    Land flag Kenia

    Locatie Kitale

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This loan helps to buy farm implements.

Rhodah is a poor smallholder farmer who is taking positive strides towards attaining a better future. She resides in a small hut made from mud,rustic materials and does not have piped water or electricity connection.
Rhodah is a farmer who has a bright smile. She has lovely children who are also her best friends, and she loves to spend time with them on her farm.

Rhodah started farming with the goals of generating income and contributing to her household economy. Because of the immense knowledge she has about farming, she commands a lot of respect among other farmers, and she is viewed as a mentor in her village. Rhoda’s primary income source includes selling eggs, maize, and milk. Generating an income through selling her harvest is the part of farming she enjoys most. Availability of labor is a major challenge for Rhodah. She also keeps a dairy cow.

Before joining Juhudi Kilimo, Rhodah could not access loans from banks. She joined Juhudi Kilimo and learned about loan management and agribusiness. She also got to learn about Kiva and the wonderful Kiva community.

Rhodah is seeking a loan to purchase farm implements. With your loan, Rhodah will purchase more effective, modern tools that will make her farm activities much easier. This will boost her income and enable her to pay school fees for her children.

Support this great smallholder farmer who is not deterred by difficulty, so that she can achieve a good future for her family.

Totaal lening bedrag € 400

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februari 2018 € 29,96 € 0,00
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juni 2018 € 33,62 € 0,00
juli 2018 € 34,60 € 0,00
augustus 2018 € 35,61 € 0,00
september 2018 € 36,65 € 0,00
oktober 2018 € 37,72 € 0,00
november 2018 € 38,83 € 0,00
Lokale Kiva partner
Juhudi Kilimo (JK)

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Sinds 30-11--0001

Achterstallig 13,50 %

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Totale kosten (%) 25,70 %

Wanbetaling 2,65 %

Leningen totaal bedrag € 2.480.600,00

Projecten 4.706

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