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Organizacion de Desarollo Empresarial Femenino (ODEF)


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In 1989 a small credit program began that was called “Women in Business,” a program much smaller than what is now considered ODEF. In 1990 that program grew by offering a “Home Improvement” loan product in rural areas.

In 1992, ODEF made a change toward becoming self-sufficient by expanding their credit options, starting with a loan product for men. By 1996, the organization had become fully self-sufficient.

In 2000, Honduras passed a law to regulate the services provided by Private Development Organizations (Organizaciones Privadas de Desarrollo, or OPD) that were also committed to financial services. The law was aimed at guaranteeing the legal status, transparency and security of the operations of those organizations. The law ordained that the institutions already in existence must choose between the transformation into an OPD, offering both financial and social services, or that they create a new institution that would be dedicated exclusively to financial services.

ODEF decided to create a new financial services institution called ODEF-OPDF (Private Financial Development Organization, or Organización Privada de Desarrollo Financiero), achieving this status in 2005. In this way, they were able to maintain the position that they’d achieved due to their work since 1989.

In 2008 they became ODEF Financiera S.A., with an active portfolio of 500 million Lempiras and more than 25,000 clients, proving themselves to be a successful business with a promising future.

Throughout the years, these efforts and achievements have been possible thanks to the vision of the governing members, the staff, the product methodology, and the selective nature of choosing clients.

Today, ODEF has 31 branches throughout the northwest region of the country.


To be the leading microfinance institution in the country, with the highest impact standards in the industry.


To bring financial services to low income populations to contribute to combating the causes of poverty.

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