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Help deze ondernemers in hun levensonderhoud te voorzien en hun dromen te realiseren. Verstrek een microkrediet.

Mwamba Group
Congo-Kinshasa / Kleding

Mme. Pascaline is a client of Hekima IMF and presides over the group villageoise "Mwamba". She is married, 51 years old, and the mother of 10 children, 2 of whom go to school. Her partner is a teacher. Mme. Pascaline sells pagnes. She began this business 25 years ago with startup funds from her husband. Later, she joined the Hekima program to support her business. Throughout her involvement, her business has grown steadily. With this new loan, she will purchase pagnes in bulk, which will add to her working capital. The challenge of her business is tied to a lack of customers. Mme. Pascaline would like to develop her business. Finally, she wishes to thank Hekima and its partners for the support brought to the owners of non-bankable businesses in this context of global crisis tied to COVID-19. The photo is of only the leader of the group due to COVID-19, out of respect for social distancing measures.

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56% van €6700
Arcidiades Jose
Colombia / Houtverkoop

Arcidiades has been striving for years to build a stable life for his family. He is 52 years old and runs a sawmill. He is always on the lookout for ways to grow his business and stabilise his income. He lives with his partner and has three children. He wants to invest in his business and thus asks for a loan to buy a lot of wood. This way, he will improve his shop, make his business more sustainable, increase sales and keep ahead of competition.

33 dagen te gaan

18% van €675


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